Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The journey begins.

I guess in the grand scheme of thing I am a nobody, but just like you, there are things in this world I think could be done better. That is not to say that I am right about those things, but I have my thoughts just like everyone else in the world.

My thoughts will probably make you laugh at times and they will probably make you down right mad at times. I will use phrases and say things you will not understand. That is because of my southern upbringing. I am here writing because people in my life thought it would be fun if the rest of the world heard some of the things I had to say. (Maybe I should have asked if that was because they didn't want to hear it anymore or because they really thought other people wanted to here it. )

No matter.

Here I am and you are stuck with me now. I am not guaranteeing that I will post on any regular schedule. I will do my best to not make it boring.

My next post will be subject specific, I just don't know what the subject is yet.

So till then.


  1. 2nd post: how to make the best twice-baked potatoes ever.

    I'm just saying, that might be a thought worth posting.

  2. Look out blog world...Papa Phil is loose. Round 'em up and get 'em readin' cowboy.