Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deer Season

Sorry for my lack of posts.  I have been so tied up trying to find Bambie's dad that I haven't had time.

There is so much to deer hunting that most don't understand.  Lack of sleep is one of them.  Get up at 4:30 to take a scent free shower, put on my clothes that smell like dirt.  Yes there are rituals that go in to hunting.  It's like other sports in that there are people that have their certain lucky thing that will go with when them to the game.  Mine is dirt. I know that sounds funny to a non-hunter but  what is more natural to smell in the woods in fall?

After the rituals at home it is off to the woods for more.  I have to figure out wind direction to determine the tree stand I will use then which way I will go in to the wood to not spook the deer.  When I get to the tree its up twenty feet for a birds-eye view of sometimes nothing but a squirrel or a chipmunk.

 It is all worth it though if you get the chance to see the buck of a life time.

Saturday was opening day of gun season here in Indiana and I would like to wish others out there good luck and remember to always be safe.

I shot this Doe Saturday evening, she field dressed at 115 lbs.  I am looking forward to bacon wrapped venison loins.

Thanks for reading.

What a great day.

September 25th my beautiful wife and I went to Chicago.

I normal refer to Chicago as Shitcago-- thought you should understand the way I think of the big city.

With that said I had a wonderful time.  We spent our day at the Chicago Gourmet, a food and wine fest, in Millennium Park.  I have to say that the stereotype Chicago'ens that I had in my head were nowhere around. The people were very nice and struck up conversation with out prompting.  There was no dress code,  which was quite evident.  There where people dressed in tee shirts all the way up to Tuxedos. I do have to say that it didn't seem to mater to the others that attended the event.  People in Tuxes where talking with others in Tee shirts without a care in the world about what others would think.

I was impressed with the festival.  The wine was flowing freely as was the Tequila and vodka.  The Latin food booth was awesome.

We also tried bacon ice cream for the first time and that it has to be the best desert I've ever tried.     The event was not just food and drink though there where several big name chefs there such as Rick Bayless, Cat Cora and Ted Allen they were doing cooking demonstration and book signings thru out the day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whole Hog Smoker Plans

Well thought I should check in.  Haven't had a lot of time to blog since I started this.

I do have a plan for my next blog post.

I recently acquired a old homemade whole hog smoker. It needs a lot of work.  So you are going through the journey of cleaning, sanding, refinishing and firing it up for the first time.

I will put in all the work and sweat.

All you have to do is put in the time to read what I write and give support.  I will soon be taking pictures of the starting point and then we're off.

'Til then--thanks for being here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The journey begins.

I guess in the grand scheme of thing I am a nobody, but just like you, there are things in this world I think could be done better. That is not to say that I am right about those things, but I have my thoughts just like everyone else in the world.

My thoughts will probably make you laugh at times and they will probably make you down right mad at times. I will use phrases and say things you will not understand. That is because of my southern upbringing. I am here writing because people in my life thought it would be fun if the rest of the world heard some of the things I had to say. (Maybe I should have asked if that was because they didn't want to hear it anymore or because they really thought other people wanted to here it. )

No matter.

Here I am and you are stuck with me now. I am not guaranteeing that I will post on any regular schedule. I will do my best to not make it boring.

My next post will be subject specific, I just don't know what the subject is yet.

So till then.